Dry Creek/ Russian River/ Healdsburg Area

While the descriptive name features multiple growing viticulture areas, the wineries of Sonoma Countya™ outlying regions are worth mentioning individually due their quality and abundance. Sonoma County wineries are well equipped to offer luxury and premium wines that are notable and mentionable in the world wine scene. Silver Oaka™ Cabernet Sauvignon, Ferrari Caranoa™ Zinfandels and Bella Vineyard™ Wines definitely offer excellent ambiance and eclectic environments. Try a tour of these areas by calling one of our concierge representatives.

Private Wine Tours at its best! True Elegance Limousine offers top notch, well handled wine tours that provide the guest with a unique sense of discovery and illumination into the Sonoma Valley Wine Country.


While there are over 250 wineries in the Russian River/ Alexander Valley, how can one choose the best wineries to visit? Easy- just call a True Elegance Limousine representative with some of the following in mind:

a.) Are you a wine affection ado or new to the wine scene?

b.) Do you like taking pictures or enjoy a nice conversation with your group members (or both)?

c.) Are you looking for new and exciting wineries to visit- ie cave tours, barrel tastings or do you have something already in mind?

d.) Do you have any winery preferences or prefer certain varietals?

Now consider the following sample:

After your Stretch Limousine pulls up and you are greeted by your courteous chauffeur, your group enters the limousine to find a nice bottle of chilled champagne and several glass champagne flutes for your sipping pleasure. Your suggestion of visiting Francis Ford Coppola winery are self evident as the chauffeur has pulled this as the first stop in your wine tasting extravaganza. After your mesmerizing tour of the facility, you are taken to Stryker Vineyards as this hidden boutique winery was suggest by your True Elegance representative. You look around at Stryker and find a beautiful viticulture area with panoramic views unadulterated and humbling as compared to the Napa Valley. The small boutique winery's host pours in their vineyard into your awaiting glasses and answers your every question, even offering insights of visiting the Wine Country and engaging in delightful conversation. Next stop- Lunch at Dry Creek General Store- you enter the wooden screen door's gateway and find an impressive selection of deli meats and rustic metal toys and wine displays that make for perfect gifts. You enjoy your Deli creation at the winery next door- Dry Creek Vineyards with a bottle of Zinfandel that pairs perfectly with your sandwich. After enjoying your time at Dry Creek, we meander down the trail to Lamberts Bridge Winery, another boutique winery, whose awaiting Wine host goes over their rich family history of wine production and viticulture all while pouring their recent releases and finest wines.


Missed wineries on the past visits? Need help orchestrating a plan to visit wineries that you've tried before against new ones that were suggested to you as stars? Look no further than True Elegance.

Looking still for new wineries to visit, that you've yet to discover? Tell us what you've enjoyed in the past or if you are looking for A  new experiences.

Our business is to make sure your Wine Tour Experience is a one to remember. When it comes to Wine Tasting Tours, we can help you plan, set and integrate your preferences to an experience well deserved of your satisfaction. Wea™ strive to make it best trip that youa™ ve ever had.


$325/6hrs $400/6hrs $425/6hrs $450/6hrs
4 Pass Town Car 6 Pass Limo 8 Pass Limo 6 Pass SUV

“ 5% Fee Added for Credit Card usage, Drivers Tip & Hourly Charges Over 6hrs extra.”